Why Snapchat is taking over the Social Web

Have you ever heard of Snapchat? I know for sure that the majority of the older population does not know what Snapchat is, but the youth does. Given that the youth’s technology seems to be at their disposal. For example, my eight years old niece knows how to work on a computer. Even kids as young as her know about most apps available especially the Snapchat app. So, why is this?

Snapchat means how it sounds. It means being able to add text to a chat with limited characters. You are basically having a conversation with photo snaps.

In case you haven’t already heard about Snapchat, it sounds pretty interesting right? Also the way Snapchat keep the conversation so constant and interesting is that each photo is timed, and you can choose if your chat will be as long as one second to ten seconds. The good thing about iphones is they have an ability to take a screenshot. Anything at any time that appears on the screen of your iphone you can take a snap shot of it. Then it becomes your photo so I call that cheating but I guess that’s why they’re more expensive.

Snapchat is so popular because

  • Youth
  • Young imagination

Don’t forget when it comes to marketing, what is popular to the youth is what matters the most because that is what will sell the most.

Snapchat is mostly for fun, but there is always good useful ways to make use of such fun things. For example some businesses use Snapchat to relay back and forth shots of documents, wallpaper ideas, and product samples. In conclusion, Snapchat can be for your pleasure, used for any business, or practically anything. But the best part is the imagination, because the ideas are literally endless. Perhaps an idea such as this is what may be the future of messaging, the next “Text messaging”.

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6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ http://t.co/QvKsiVXCzC | Singer Producer & Songwriter http://t.co/rx301ugaqD #CleanPartyMusic

6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ http://t.co/QvKsiVXCzC | Singer Producer & Songwriter http://t.co/rx301ugaqD #CleanPartyMusic