What to Look for in an Influencer Partner

3 min readAug 22, 2019

84% of millennials don’t like advertising and it’s easy to see why. No one likes to be bombarded with videos, banners ads, and promotional pop-ups solely set on selling something. It’s invasive and quickly drives visitors away.

What’s a solution? According to research, consumers trust each other more than a brand.

Hearing from a trusted source about a product or service is more valued than a statement from a company. Knowing firsthand what someone else’s experience was like saves time, money, and effort.

That’s why you need to take a closer look at influencer marketing. Working with someone who has a dedicated following will allow your business to grow the right way, without the need for intrusive advertising.

Before you collaborate with just anyone, read our tips on what to look for in an influencer below!

Are They Relevant to Your Brand?

Choosing an influencer is more than a numbers game. Sure, a massive following looks appealing but if they’re not aligned with your brand’s value, message, and product, your collaboration will fail.

Think of it this way: a clothing company wouldn’t partner with a technology influencer for obvious reasons. They’d want someone who showcases their outfits and shopping hauls.

So you get the right influencer for your brand, look around. Create a list of potential collaborators who’ll complement your business rather than collide with it.

Is There Quality Content?

Constant misspellings and grammatical errors are a turn off to anyone. Not only that but influencers who only have sponsored content aren’t ones you want to work with.

Too many sponsored posts are the equivalent to advertising — no one wants to be sold to every time they check their Instagram feed. You want someone who has a mix of sponsored and original content.

The original content should reflect their own personal opinions or experiences. This will further enhance your collaboration as they’ll let followers know their real feelings about your product or service.

Are Their Followers Engaged?

Don’t be fooled by a massive follower amount. What counts is how well they’re engaging those people.

Influencers who barely have comments and shares aren’t ones you want to partner with. If no one takes the time to look at their content, who’s to say they’ll pay attention to yourcollaboration?

To see if their followers are engaged, check to see how many comments they receive per post. Also, consider collaborating with an influencer who has less than 10,000 followers. More than often, these “micro influencers” have a well-engaged audience than those above said number.

Find the Perfect Influencer

Don’t settle for the first influencer you see. You need to do your research and make the decision if they’re a good fit or not.

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