Ways to boost your organic traffic on Instagram

Experiment with different types of content.

In addition to photos or images, Instagram allows its users to post videos. However, many people constantly overlook this resource, missing out on all the benefits that clips offer to drive organic traffic.

Promote engagement with contests or question sessions.

There’s a very useful tool if you want to motivate your followers to interact with your Instagram posts: call-to-action. That’s why giveaway contests have become so popular and can be so effective in driving traffic to a brand or business.

Leverage Instagram stories

Over 60% of marketers use Instagram but only around 15% use its stories feature.

Other ways to boosts your organic traffic on Instagram.

- Use curate user-generated content.

Final thoughts.

Instagram is considered among the best tools to build a strong audience and community for your business. Even if you’re not a marketer, you’ve likely seen how important this app can be in helping brands and companies grow and succeed.



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