Updating Your Digital Marketing Strategy Post COVID-19

Laying Down Some Ground Rules:

1. Create a Plan of Action:

2. Avoid Multiple Platforms and Mediums:

3. Avoid “Analysis Paralysis”:

4. Steer Clear of Marketing Gurus:

5. Avoid Guesswork:

OK, Enough of the Lecturing, Let’s Get Started!

Paid Advertising Campaigns

What Should I Advertise?

  • Use carefully crafted ads to send prospects to a landing page.
  • Give away great content.
  • Persuade visitors to subscribe to an email list by offering an incentive.
  • Use email sequences to gradually convert leads into sales.

Get a Google My Business Listing

One More Game Changing Feature:

Social Media Marketing

Rules of the Game:

1. Keep a Strict Posting Schedule

Stay Away From Health and Politics

Concentrate on Being Helpful

Handling Postponed Events

Know When to Pivot

Consider Taking Your Business Online



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