Understanding How to Utilize LinkedIn Ads

3 min readMay 1, 2022

LinkedIn is a massive Social Media Platform that serves to cater a specific crowd of people. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, or even Instagram, the goal for LinkedIn isn’t merely to form connections with other people, showcase yourself, or even talk about what you’re up to or share fun photos or memes. While you can do that sort of stuff on LinkedIn, it’s more of a website devoted purely for Professionals in many different fields, from Medical, to Business, to Finances, to even Creative.

Of course, what many Marketers who are starting out don’t know is that LinkedIn is actually a very good market to advertise in… provided your products and services fit in overall with what LinkedIn is about of course. After all, you’re not targeting Teenagers, or Grandmothers, or bored Dads surfing Facebook on the weekend. You’re targeting Professionals who are looking to connect with other Professions and improve their resume or look for a job or simply network with other people.

So now, what’s the process for getting started on making ads for LinkedIn that fit with your Marketing strategies? Well luckily, it’s pretty easy, and if you’ve created Facebook Ads it’s pretty similar and just as robust.

For starters, you simply log into your Campaign Manager Account, and creating one is fairly simple. Once you do, it lets you set up a budget that you have, allows you to select goals that you have, and it gives you all the control you’ll need over your marketing campaign, plus tools as well to help you gauge every metric you’ll need to be successful.

From there, you just choose your objectives that you want to achieve with this Marketing Campaign. Are you looking to improve Brand Awareness? Drive traffic to your landing pages? Create lead generations; get people to watch your videos, get job interested job applicants, or anything like that?

This is perhaps the most crucial step to your Campaign because everything here on out is going to be based on the objectives that you want to achieve.

From there, you can refine your audience down a little bit so your Marketing Campaign can figure out who exactly you’re going to target. In the Campaign manager, you can choose over 20 different attributes to refine your audience, and attributes can vary from Company Size, Schools and Colleges, Skills, Seniority, Titles, all the way down to groups and associates.

Then you just choose how you want your content to be seen: Either in Messages, Advertisement Carousels, Direct Advertisements, Text Ads, or anything else.

Like with Facebook as well, you can even set your budget, your schedule, and further refine when and where you want your advertisements to hit as well as save the Campaign before you purchase the ads themselves so you can come back to it later and refine it even more.

All in all it’s not that hard, and the process is super simple and easy. If you’ve dealt with Facebook Advertisements before, it’s pretty similar, and if you’ve not… well it’ll still walk you through the process. Everything is done in the browser, and you can even go in and edit campaigns already in progress to fine tune every aspect of it.