Two Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media — Real-time Outsource

2 min readNov 21, 2019

Today were going to be discussing all too common mistakes that appear on businesses social media posts, these mistakes will make your business look less credible and will turn customers away. We will be discussing how to remedy these unfortunate situations.

1. Grammar

a. First, we will be discussing grammar errors in your posts, on your social media pages, or your website. Things such as using the wrong there, their, they’re, or using inappropriate capitalization, makes your page look as if you did not take the time to proofread before posting it. This will make consumers think if you couldn’t even take the time to do a quality inspection on something as small as a post, are you really going to inspect the quality of your products before shipping them? It makes your overall business seem sloppy and not well polished. Ways to cure this, would be using an app such as Grammarly, which helps you to find and correct grammar mistakes while you are creating your posts. Another way would be just to thoroughly go over your posts once or twice, to ensure maximum quality. While a mistake or two will undoubtedly make its way through your defenses one way or another, taking the necessary precautions to prevent this are worthwhile and will be appreciated by your customers.

2. Having Poor Quality Photos

a. Second, another common mistake we see on businesses social media pages is poor quality photos. This is very off-putting to consumers and is disappointing to see that you could not take the time to either edit your photos, invest in or pay someone to craft high quality photos for you. It makes your business look very generic, if you have grainy, low resolution photos, but with a little work you can have very nice-looking photos, which is typically synonymous with quality in consumers’ minds. This will get your customers excited to see if the pictures look this good, they can only imagine how great the actual product will be! Ways to fix this common mistake, would be to invest in a decent DSLR camera, doesn’t have to be a top of the line and there are many affordable options to choose from. You could even use some of the newer cell phone cameras as a substitute, the newer models have very capable cameras on them and with some editing can create astounding photos. That brings us to our next solution, which is investing in some good editing software, many of the Adobe Creative Suite programs are excellent options such as Lightroom and Photoshop and are worthwhile investments for any business looking to create high quality photos, logos, and among many other different kinds of marketing material.