Two Major Differences Between Social Media Platforms

2 min readFeb 13, 2020

Today we will be discussing the key differences between the various social media platforms at our disposal. We’ll be looking at the foundations of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the three giants of the industry. We’re going to determine how each site is used by the users, and what the pros and cons of each site are.

1. Twitter vs. Instagram: One of the key differences between these two sites is the way people try to portray themselves. On Twitter people are much more vocal about their beliefs, and unforgiving. They are willing to speak up to others and often engage in arguments to defend their point of view on matters. While on Instagram people wish to create a façade. They only show you the highlights of their life, no one will post what is going wrong in their life, and essentially it is only what they want to show you, in an attempt to show you how great their life is, but in reality, we have no idea what their life is like behind the screen. Another thing to note is the censorship on Twitter is very lax, and you can almost put anything you want, nudity, cursing, bullying, whatever you choose. While Instagram is quite strict when it comes to things of that nature and engaging in posting such content will surely result a ban on your account. So, depending on the type of content you post, you’d want to choose one over the other. Visuals vs. Words, this is another significant difference between the two, while both can be used as visual mediums, Instagram is definitely the preferred of the two, to post things like photography, graphics, memes, etc. While using Twitter is the preferred method when using words, while you can write captions on Instagram, like posting visuals on Twitter, the latter is preferred when writing about issues your passionate about.

2. Instagram vs. Facebook: While on the surface these appear quite similar there are some differences we can look into. It is well known that typically Instagram has a younger userbase than Facebook, this is because Facebook has become a more family oriented social media platform, this is because it is usually to keep in contact with loved ones, such as Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Grandpa’s, Grandma’s, you get the gist of it. They are both owned by Facebook, so they are also highly compatible, you can almost think of a Facebook as compliment to Instagram or vice versa depending on your age.

We hope this discussion will serve you well in dispelling the mysteries surrounding the differences and similarities regarding the various social media pages we interact with.