Twitter Is a Prime Platform for Business in 2019!

2 min readJan 29, 2019

As one of the biggest social media platforms worldwide, Twitter is a remarkable tool to use for anyone looking to market their business to a target audience. Considering the highest percentage of consumers also make up a big portion of the 336 million monthly active users, your Twitter profile may be well worth building. While a successful profile is more than having a memorable handle and a clean, cohesive branding (although, these elements are rather important), the following tips can help make Twitter an optimal marketing channel for your business.

Land more sales.

It’s never been so easy to find exactly what your customers are looking for. Twitter is the place your patrons go to express their desires in a few key phrases, followed by a hashtag, or two. This is gold for any commerce that has the product or solution to save the day. Consider the common phrases and keywords your target market may tweet and reuse them to get in on the trending conversation.

Track your success.

Tracking is one of the many resourceful benefits of Twitter, when utilized efficiently. Twitter is full of useful data that can skyrocket your success by simply placing trackable links in valuable places. Suggestions can be your calls-to-action, promotional, or sharable content tweets. Get some customer validations by asking some beta testing questions. Know exactly which tweets and timeframes your followers engage with the most.

Engaging is key.

Twitter can seem difficult to establish at first but one thing to keep in mind is tweet, and then tweet some more. Engage with your audience or expect to fall off the radar. Slowly let them leak throughout the day to keep your viewers’ interest. However, a good rule to follow is avoid tweeting a bunch of tweets all at one time. You may consider using a scheduling systemto maintain consistency, so your following knows when to expect you.

Twitter is a prime platform in social media to engage with your following, increase your reach, and share your message or product with the world. Whenever your potential customers are on social media, so are we. Let our team of experts work hard for you!