Twitter for businesses: Why is it ideal for you?

3 min readAug 20, 2020

Twitter was established as one of the most popular social networks a few years ago and, although it has a lot of competition now, it still has a fairly broad and solid user community.

In this sense, it remains one of the most powerful platforms for social interaction nowadays. Many of us use it to read news, look for interesting information, or just to have fun. But do you think this is the only thing it has to offer us? The truth is that it is not.

Currently, there are many companies that have decided to take advantage of all the benefits that this social network can bring to the growth of their business by integrating them into their marketing strategy, and today we are going to analyze why. Do you want to know if Twitter is ideal for you and your brand? Read on to find out!

Interesting facts about Twitter.

Before answering your question, let’s get to know some interesting facts about this platform that will help you understand why it is so efficient. Here are the most relevant ones:

- Since 2014, Twitter has had 330 million monthly active users.

- In the last quarter of 2019, 262 million of them were outside the United States.

- Active monthly users post 500 million tweets every day, which translates to around 6,000 tweets every second.

Considering this data, there is no doubt that using Twitter and creating content within this platform is essential if your goal is to reach as many people as possible. As you can see, the statistics show that it is a social network that not only has a large number of users and a high level of activity, but that can also reach almost any corner of the planet.

So, why is Twitter essential for a business?

People who use Twitter want to discover new things, be they people to meet or interesting companies online. This fact makes it become a very good channel to connect with your audience and attract more potential customers. Besides, it helps increase awareness of your brand.

But that is not all. There are many other details that will show you why you should use Twitter for your business. Here are some:

- Twitter offers free marketing: Is this even possible? Fortunately, yes! Your tweets are indexed by Google through their search engines, so you only need a good SEO strategy to position your Twitter account at the top of their results.

- You can use this tool as a search engine: Twitter not only allows you to search for information but also offers the possibility of finding potential customers. You should invest a little time but, with a little research, you can find users interested in products or services similar to yours with just a few clicks.

- Increase your brand recognition: Twitter is a platform that works in real time, thus, it allows you to have an open conversation with your audience and potential customers. This will help your initiatives reach many more people.

- Optimize customer service: Twitter is a good platform for customer service, especially if you consider everything described in the previous points.

Optimized marketing, low-cost ads, an exceptional communication channel, and the possibility of connecting more deeply with your audience… Do you think there is even more? Well, there actually is. We invite you to try Twitter to find it out!