This Week I had the pleasure to chat with a Major Nationwide Brand… and they we’re wanting to find out why their Facebook Page was not getting any organic reach anymore. It was truly an eye-opening experience as I was shocked that such a large brand that was dialed in team wise with social, but they were lacking any community engagement. The call was actually really simple…. I said You’re Doing it WRONG if you want Facebook to play with you! Then stayed silent… they said hmmmm? I could tell that they we’re a little shocked with my real feedback!

Then I lead with my Top 3 Types of Posts that WORK for sure on Facebook… I said if you do these each week along with your other posts, I guarantee that you will get more organic reach each week!

1) MEMES — Especially Funny Memes… search on Google or Make your own MEMES that are focused on the funny topics around your business… don’t BRAND them with your logos. No one wants to share a post if it looks like a Ad Billboard!

2) MOTIVATIONAL — Find motivation quotes around your audience and motivate them each week or even better on the weekend! These won’t get as much love as FUNNY… but it will for sure resonate with your community weekly

3) CONTESTS — Give away your products, services, or even just a $10-$20 Starbucks Gift Card weekly to your fans… they goal should be to have them Like and Comment on your post to be entered to the contest! This is the for SURE way to get engagement…. GIVE TO GET!

Facebook is a community… if you try to send them to a landing page, website, or away from Facebook it’s going to COST you Organic REACH, and if that is all you’re doing on Facebook .. you will slowly LOSE!

Take these three keystone content elements and run with them.. I promise you that your community with GROW & THRIVE AGAIN.