Three Signs that tell you if you need to improve your digital marketing strategy

3 min readJul 23, 2020


Do you really know if all your social media work is paying off? Many people strive to develop a good image for their brand and invest a lot of money in advertising, but they usually forget that their presence in the digital community is also important.

Moreover, it may also happen that they are really interested in growing their business on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, but the actions they are implementing do not lead them to obtain the number of clients they want. Do you know why this may be happening? There are signs that tell you when your company’s digital marketing strategy is on the road to failure and, to help you out a bit, we have decided to explain each of them. Thus, you can quickly identify them and recover all the time you have invested in your precious project.

1. Your results only show likes:

This is one of the most obvious signs that something is not going well with your digital marketing strategy. Likes can bring many benefits to a brand, but if your results only show good numbers in likes, then your brand or business is not achieving the objectives it should.

Your company’s social network accounts can offer you much more than likes. From them, you can get sales, alliances, and much more. You must ensure that your current activity generates value for your target audience.

2. Your audience is not to your brand or business.

How many people interact with you when you upload content to your social networks? How many of your customers buy your products or services because they trust your brand? Social networks are one of the main means by which the audience connects and communicates with your company or business.

If you have a lot of followers but you can’t get them to buy what you offer or even interact with you through comments or other actions, and then your marketing strategy is pointing to the opposite extreme.

3. You don’t know what your main sources of traffic and sales are.

You have managed to maintain your sales numbers, and some new followers arrive from time to time, but do you really know where these people come from? A good marketing strategy allows you to know where the traffic of your social networks or web pages generates. This way, you will be able to identify which platforms you should invest in the most to achieve a greater conversion rate.

If you don’t know where your visitors or followers are coming from, it is very likely that you are carrying a digital marketing plan aimlessly.

Some other signs you must pay attention to:

- You do not know your target audience and their motivations.

- You don’t know what your competition and the brands you admire the most are doing.

- You feel that your goals are impossible to reach.

Now, you know the signs that may be alerting you if you have an inadequate digital marketing strategy. Remember that this is not about being negative, but about anticipating any possibility and being ready to act correctly if our brand or business needs it!