Three Marketing Myths To Ditch In 2018

2 min readFeb 27, 2018


When it comes to figuring out the best way to execute a social media marketing campaign, it’s best to go with data-driven science. Simply put, this means that if something isn’t working, you need to identify it early, learn what you can from it, and find ways to pivot or change your approach. Whether the focus of your social media efforts is on content, search engine optimization, or inbound marketing, here are three myths about social media marketing that we all need to ditch in 2018.

Myth #1: You Need to Focus More Effort on Content

This is a myth that we see repeated every single day. Quantity isn’t the issue when it comes to content for your blog or social media presence: quality is. Create an avalanche of content just to give your social media channels the appearance of activity, and you risk publishing low-quality content that doesn’t meet your company’s standards or image. This is the quickest way to lose potential customers.

Instead, examine the data from past posts, and figure out what kind of content is most engaging for your fans or followers. Do your homework on the strategies your competitors are using successfully. Leverage content that has performed well in the past, such as converting a text post to a video, and re-posting. Figuring out what kind of content works best for your audience requires some trial and error, but keep at it, and you will find the magic formula that drives engagement.

Myth #2: It Only Takes One Person to Handle Inbound Marketing

Particularly for small businesses, it’s tempting to fool yourself into believing that your inbound marketing efforts can be managed by just one person on your staff. While one person can be enough to get a campaign started, it can quickly multiply in scale, leaving that poor, single employee feeling overwhelmed and overextended.

Any serious inbound marketing campaign needs to be tackled by a team, where multiple staff members can use their unique skills to manage every element of the campaign. Inbound marketing combines digital media, SEO, operations and data analysis, and overall strategy, plus a mix of other elements. No one person can possibly be expected to manage all of these different aspects of a campaign, and your efforts will be much more successful with multiple hands on deck.

Myth #3: Effective SEO Means Nothing More than Keyword Optimization

The art of SEO requires constant shifts in strategy, in response to change. Google’s algorithm is constantly updating, which can make staying a step ahead of the search engine giant seemingly impossible. A great example of these shifts? Keywords are no longer the biggest factor in determining your search engine ranking. Natural language processing allows search engines to intuit more accurately what users are searching for, and as a result, “keyword stuffed” websites are often penalized.

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