Three Helpful Tips to Create More Successful Social Media Campaigns in 2020

3 min readJan 24, 2020

Creating a social media campaign can be a lot of work, that’s why today I’m going to go over some helpful tips and tricks on how to make the process go a lot more smoothly. We’ll be talking about things such as the Pomodoro technique, using a planner, calendars, and other tips to help you keep a clear mind to be your most productive self during the creation of your campaign.

1. Pomodoro technique: What is it? The Pomodoro technique is essentially a way to better manage your time while working for maximum productivity. It is working in intervals, generally people will work 25–30 minutes at a time, followed up by a 5-minute break, then you continue these intervals until you reach your fourth interval, then you will take a long break up, around 30 minutes or so. This helps to keep your mind fresh, and not become overwhelmed from too much continuous work, it is works very well, and is personally one of my favorite techniques I have developed over the years.

2. Using a planner: Using a planner is exactly how it sounds getting a planner and filling it up with all of your different goals, aspirations, meetings, project due dates, etc. This helps to keep your mind focused on what you are doing in the present, because you’ve already written down all of the other things you need to do, and when you need to do them by, so you don’t stress about them as much as you usually would. It is also a good idea to create mini goals, or steps that are achievable along the way to a larger goal, as this keeps your motivation and lets you know you’re on the right path. Using a planner can pay huge dividends in your life, if you have various different things you are focusing on at once.

3. Using a Wall Calendar: Is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself on track for whatever endeavor you are currently tackling in your life. Simply put a wall calendar in a place you pass by or see frequently such as in the restroom, a spot in your bedroom or kitchen, and each day you accomplish a step to a goal you are working towards put a big X through that day, this is you playing mind games with yourself essentially because after a couple weeks it will begin to form a nice chain and you won’t want to break that chain. Even if you do, because as we all know in life things inevitably do happen when we least expect, just try your best to never miss two days in a row, I have also personally used this technique in my own life to stay on top of habits I wish to form and have found it very effective.

We hope that this list of tips and tricks, we’ll help you to stay on track tackling your goals and to do so with a clear mind.