2 min readSep 28, 2019


Writing blog posts is a great way to engage with and educate your customers! But the only problem is what do you write about? As a growing business the options at your fingertips are endless. Today in this blog we will help you to brainstorm ideas for your next blog post.

1. Customer Testimonials: Customer testimonials are a great way to hear why customers love your business and its products/services. It also allows you to provide social proof to potential new customers. An example of this would be having a photo of the customer along with a story of how using your product helped them or improved their life in some way, or even the ease of the transaction if you sell cars, real estate, this type of post can be modified to fit whatever kind of business model you can think of.

2. Trends: Talk about new trends in your industry, if your industry is social media, previous examples could’ve been hashtags, viral videos, mannequin challenge, and the Harlem shake, these are things have had success while some may have been more brief than others, you can enlighten your customers to this and give your opinions on the sustainability of the current trends in the world today.

3. Have a Q&A with Your Staff: Ask your staff questions about why they enjoy working for your company, what are their favorite products and why, what do they think about the current state of your businesses industry, what advancements or changes are they hoping to see in the coming years? You can come up with whatever questions you feel would be interesting to your readers.

4. Hold a Q&A with Your Customers: Have an open-ended interview with a customer, ask them questions about your business, and if you want to have them ask you questions, consumers are always interested to see into the minds of the owners of businesses they buy from frequently.

5. Compare Two or More Products and Services: Compare two products that are currently popular within your industry discuss their pros and cons, their marketing campaigns, and the companies behind the products. Examples of this could be Instagram and Snapchat, Pepsi and Coke, Nike and Adidas, the comparisons you can make are endless.

6. Give an Update on the Status of Your Company: Let your customers know what products and services that your company is planning on releasing next, let them know of the features and improvements you plan on implementing, let them know why this new product will be even more innovative than the last.