Supercharge Your Holiday Promotions with these 5 Social Media Tips

3 min readSep 7, 2021

Is your sales bottom-line feeling the crunch this year? Don’t fear! We are about to head into the holiday season — a time that offers some of the best opportunities to promote your business through social media.

Although social media is not a replacement for old-fashioned salesmanship, people are constantly connected to their screens — especially during the holidays. If you are lucky, you might just stumble on a new viral trend that will help you supercharge your sales beyond your wildest expectations.

When the gift-getting itch arises, be the company that scratches with these simple social media holiday promotion tips:

1. Deliver a “Holiday Happiness Boost”

One of the best ways to get social media traction is to give people free goodies. This can be an actual physical product or something as simple as a coupon code or access to a service that you provide for free.

Free incentives get people on board quickly with your brand, especially when they can get something valuable to them and save them time or money.

2. Run a Contest

Even if you do offer products for free, a contest allows your audience to engage with your brand at an even more personal level. People love the excitement of getting lucky, and you always bring in new fans when you hold an engaging contest.

The trick is to find a contest that will make your audience want to participate. One of the most effective methods is to ask them questions about which product they like best and reward those who participate by giving away prizes:

“What’s Your Favorite Holiday Treat?” — upload photos of your favorite holiday treats with your favorite product and use a digital tool to manage the contest entries and winners.

3. Curate a Social Media Wishlist

As the holidays get closer, you start to see wishlists pop up everywhere on social media. Get creative and use them as your chance to give back and help people find a gift that they might enjoy.

Take advantage of this potential by setting up your business website or Facebook page with a feature-rich wish list that includes your products. The best part? This requires no effort on your customers, and they can do all their holiday shopping wherever they are!

4. Get Festive with Holiday Hashtags

Hashtags are more than just a way to follow a trend or chat about something on social media — you can turn them into a full-on marketing and brand promotion tool.

Take advantage of popular hashtags by calling out your best products or even entire categories using relevant hashtags in the metadata of your posts and tweets.

A simple way to do this is by simply adding the relevant #holiday hashtag when you post about holiday deals, wishlists, contests, and more.

5. Launch and Promote a Holiday Collection

It’s no secret that new product lines are great for business and can be a key driver of holiday sales. However, getting people to actually notice them can be tricky.

If you are looking for an unconventional way to generate buzz about your new products, turn to social media and offer a special promotion or giveaway in exchange for a fan following you on Instagram or retweeting your Facebook message:

“Follow Us on Instagram & Receive $25 Off Your Next Purchase!”

All you need to do is get people to follow your account on Instagram, and you’ll give them $25 off their next purchase.

Need Help? Let Real Time Outsource Deliver Your Social Media Success

No matter your business’s size or niche industry, the holiday season is a great opportunity to promote and market your business through social media. Make sure you stay active and post relevant content, such as pictures of the products you sell or how people can use them!

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