Social Media News: Snapchat’s New Influencer Analytics Tools

2 min readMar 8, 2018

Social media network Snapchat has finally given its top creators some special analytics tools. The Snapchat influencers who are a part of the network’s Snapchat’s Official Stories program or users who have large following have access to the new tools. Not everyone gets access to these features, and Snapchat declined to comment on specifically how many accounts will have access to the new analytics data and tools.

What Comes With the New Analytics Features

The new features will give Snapchat creators much more information than was previously presented to creators. Previously, Snapchat only showed story view counts for the last 24 hours. Here’s what will be included in the new analytics tools, according to TechCrunch.

· Weekly, monthly and year to date total story views.

· Weekly, monthly and year to date time that people spent viewing stories.

· Daily unique story views.

· Average time unique viewers spent watching

· Completion rates.

· Audience demographics (gender, age and top geographic location).

· Audience interests and lifestyle categories (film, TV, fashion and sports)

Why The Analytic Tools Matter

These new features will help top influencers secure sponsors and product placement deals. The companies willing to pay for sponsored content need to see this type of data to know that they’re making a good investment.

The tools will also make it easier for Snapchat influencers to create content specifically for their audiences. They will more easily be able to define their niche, which should help them gain more followers and attract better sponsors.

This shift goes along with what Snapchat’s efforts to help support its chief creators. Previously, the company decided that it would do more to help top influencers to monetize and distribute content. This development means that Snapchat is becoming a more important place both for advertisers and for creators.

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