Social Media News: In California, Instagram Leads the Social-Media Pack

2 min readNov 14, 2019

The Nielsen organization reported in 2018 that adults in America spent about half their day interacting with various “media.” Of those approximately 11 hours per day, social media accounts for 45 minutes for the average adult.

That makes advertising on social media important, but, given the scope and variety of the social-media universe, where do you spend your advertising dollars? There are many factors, but one useful datum is provided by a new survey from CenturyLinkQuote

. It turns out that the popularity of social-media platforms varies from state to state. For a local business or other organization that can be factored into the choice of how to connect with that average consumer.

In California, often ahead of the curve when it comes to new trends, it turns out we favor Instagram. It gets relatively more social media time than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and some of the lesser platforms.

Instagram is one of the newer kids on the social media block. Launched in 2010 as a specialized photo- and video-sharing networking service, it is owned, now, by Facebook. Instagram made like a rocket ship, with a million registered users in two months, and, within a year, 10 million users. Now, in May 2019, it has a cool billion users. By now, the number of photographs uploaded to the site is nearing 100 billion.

Like Snapchat and other newer social media, Instagram appeals to younger users. That means, in particular, Gen Z, those born after 1996, who are sometimes called the generation born in cyberspace and resident in the (cyber) cloud. That age cohort is now about 25 percent of Americans and estimated by next year to be 40 percent of consumer spending.

If you are a business located in California and want a significant focus on the youngest age cohort, then Instagram can’t be ignored. Another plus is that Nevada is one of the half dozen states where users also prioritize Instagram over other social media (so do Florida, New York, and Hawaii). Video and real-time (streaming) video have a special place in Instagram advertising.

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