Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Trends Happening Now

3 min readMay 28, 2020

In today’s digital world, it is very easy to market your services or products. Internet has brought the entire community of customers and service providers very close to each other. With the adoption of the right type of technique and marketing strategy, it is simple to reach out your product to the masses and make some decent profit.

Digital Marketing

Currently, as we all know, people just cannot live without internet and related devices such as their laptops, smart phones and tablets. Digital marketing is nothing but putting these resources to use and making the most of it. As far as phones are concerned, engaging apps related to your business can keep the consumer hooked on your product. This is possible because through the app platform, they have the ability to communicate, give feedback and suggestions and thus keep the product in consideration at all times.

Digital marketing has many advantages. The product publicity is not limited to the local market but goes global and has a wider spectrum of business. People are constantly connected to the internet, as they are always using their phone or laptop, thus keeping track of new products, services and others is easy. If the advertisement of the product is done in an effective manner, then it reaches the audience instantly and they start responding to it by either purchasing the product or hiring the service.

An effective communication method is through blogs. People love to read blogs and if they are informative and engaging, then besides getting the necessary publicity, the blogs act as front runners for your product.

Social Media Marketing

As mentioned earlier, the internet has helped bridge the gap between sellers and consumers. People like to be connected with one another, even across the globe, through Social Media platforms. It is a very powerful means of voicing your opinion, announcing new products and services, giving feedbacks about the same and giving referrals.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, YouTube and LinkedIn are some examples of social media platforms that have many loyal followers.

Creating a webpage to announce a service/product on Facebook is a common norm that people follow. The number of clicks and likes then ascertains the popularity and success of the advertising effort.

However, one should understand that to keep the people’s interest alive, especially through YouTube videos, the matter needs to be updated occasionally and needs to be interesting and engaging. Videos uploaded on other social networking platforms also need to be entertaining to hold consumer’s interest.

Analytics tools help to establish the popularity of the post and gives guidelines for improvement and adjustments needed to increase the traffic to the site. Be precise in your goals and put them across effectively to the customers for a genuine response. Keep track of the competitors advertising activities as it aids in driving force in your self- promotional plans and get desirable results.

Paid social campaigns to boost brand awareness is a good idea. This prompts more people to participate and take notice of what is in offing. Getting feedbacks and testimonials is another tactic to improve customer retention. Study the consumer’s temperament and build your posts, sites on their likes and choices. This guarantees that the audience supports the promotion and responds favorably.


Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing are the trends of the current world we live in. If we have the ability to profit by their presence, then it is essential to understand and follow the protocol that go with establishing your presence through these two forms of media.