Secrets to 10x your results in Social Business

Every week I find myself tackling a question from friends, customers, and advertising agencies. “How do I get more results from social media and social business?” It is something that I have found which tends to have one correct answer. How do you really get quality, consistent results from social networking that keeps people coming back to their Facebook newsfeed day after day? For me, I have found that social media is truly a priceless return on investment and it will pay back tenfold as more and more mobile devices are connected to the internet. I do believe that there are four areas that can really spike your results dramatically!

1) Strategy — Too often people want results without asking what the actual results are. Is it new sales, more customers, more conversations, more new fans/followers, or more mentions across social channels year over year? I have found that this is the most important role in setting a strategy. And if you define your results right social media can and will deliver. Don’t just shoot to go viral, shoot for realistic returns. Think about how our stock market or the US economy both grow anywhere from 2%-8% on average. Of course with newer networks you will have faster growth. But for Facebook specifically, don’t you think you can 10x your fan base without time, sweat equity, and money!

2) Amplification — Think, who is the megaphone for my industry. How can I reach out to them and become friends, so that when I need amplification on an article, blog, or video. they will share, retweet, or write blogs about it! First, start with my favorite Twitter and LinkedIn and create a list of 50 amplification influencers that you think would be willing to share your content. Second, with that list go onto Twitter and LinkedIn and connect, retweet, reply, and become friends with them. Then when your content is ready, you will be ready to have a team that is willing to share your content across their networks. This does take time and effort, but not much else. If you’ve built an authentic network that cares about you, and you share their stuff all the time they usually don’t ask for money.

3) Social Ads — There are so many ways to target your audience now with social ads, but you have to think strategically. Do not let the budget get so expensive that you can’t afford to spend the same amount every month. Social Advertising has the biggest results when it is done with consistency, and a budget you can afford. The best part about this is that you can make changes to your targets, ads, and budget during the campaign and truly optimize your campaign. Every two to three months I would make sure you switch up your photos and messaging. This keeps it seasonal and fun especially if you’re targeting a super niche audience (25k or less). Make sure you check your ads weekly to optimize your daily cost per impression, click, and conversion.

4) Content — Here is the biggest part of 10x results. You have to create content (blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts). Then you have to figure out how often you want to deploy this content. I would start with at least 1x per month, to develop one amazing piece of content that your audience will find value in. And don’t make it about your business. Then once you’ve developed two to three pieces of content pick the date, and publish. Next you need to post it on each social platform daily, repurposed, as well as develop an approach to have your Amplification lists sharing it as well. Lastly, you will want to use your social ads to increase the exposure of your content! If this is all done with passion, and being willing to stay away from self-promotion, you will see the 10x start within the first three to six months.

I have given you these four stepping-stones to taking your social to the next level with 10x results!! Now the hard work starts… Lets be real :)

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