Proven Strategies for Getting more Shares on Social Media

Grooming and growing social media accounts takes a lot of hard work and dedication but it’s also incredibly rewarding and wonderful to watch your brand grow as a result. Increased customer engagement is the target of all your social efforts and part of that strategy involves encouraging followers to share your content. Are you following these best practices for getting more shares on social media?

Picture it

Images almost always save the day when it comes to social sharing. Whether it tugs the heartstrings or tickles the funny bone, let a picture say what the most carefully crafted written post cant.

Social Media Examiner’s Patricia Redsicker notes photos are “the most engaging type of content on Facebook, with a whopping 87% interaction rate from fans! No other post type received more than a 4% interaction rate. Posting photos on Facebook is the best way to get more attention from your fans because images are easier to consume than text. “

Be sure the image matches the overall tone of your branding efforts and will also speak to your target audience. A picture of an MLB team’s winning home run will probably strike out on a site advertising veterinary services but it’s the perfect place to feature a photo of kittens in a basket.

Quote it

People love inspirational and motivational quotes so make sure to include them in the social content you post.

They help you connect with your readers because your audience can get to know you better by the types of quotes you share, “notes blogger Marianne Manthey. “When people like a quote you’ve shared, they’re more likely to pin it to their Pinterest boards and share it on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. This produces more backlinks, increasing traffic to your blog and social media profiles.”

There are many free or low cost online tools to help you create your own quotes for sharing and posting. A word of warning, though. Make sure the quote is attributed to the correct person to avoid tarnishing your brand’s image by providing ill-conceived content.

Time it

What you say on social media is just as important as when you say it. Some marketing experts claim to know the ideal times for posting on social channels but it’s actually uniquely dependent on the target audience and a bit of trial and error.

Clearly, sports teams want to post more content leading up to, and during, game time. Other brands may find little value in posting on Saturday night when their target market is mainly office workers.

“Posting the right content at the right time can make the difference between getting lots of valuable comments on your post and clicks on your links or no engagement at all, writes Catriona Pollard, Director of Australian PR and social media agency for CP Communications. “The best time to post on social media depends on a variety of factors, including the region you’re targeting, the type of information you post, the platform, your target audience and how they interact with the platform. This means different businesses may find different times of the day work best for them.”

Say it

Click-bait headlines may be overused but they’re proven to work because they entice people’s innate sense of curiosity. Beginning a social post with, “You won’t believe what happened when…” isn’t necessarily the way to build brand trust but the idea behind the method is worth noting. That is, write captivating headlines that make people want to click and share.

Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, says your headlines should reflect the nuances of the social channel where it will appear. For instance, Twitter content that has more verbs and fewer nouns tend to fare the best, whereas Facebook users respond best to self-referential posts with 80 characters or less.



6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ | Singer Producer & Songwriter #CleanPartyMusic

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6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ | Singer Producer & Songwriter #CleanPartyMusic