Pinterest: A Different Way to Utilize Social Media Marketing

2 min readSep 1, 2018

Known as the underdog in social media behind Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is gaining muscle in the world of social media marketing.

Coming on to the scene in 2009, Pinterest is a photo sharing website that allows users to create pinboards to organize their photos based on specific themes such as food, clothing and do-it-yourself activities.

With the right tools, Pinterest can be an extremely useful and profitable marketing tool for businesses as a lot of referral traffic can be obtained through the site.

The Selling Point of Pinterest

People are visual creatures and they like to see beautiful and interesting photos. People will post photos of things they find interesting and will share these images with their friends via pinboards. They key with this is to share captivating photos and allow them to be shared by many people very often. Each photo is a link to the source of the image — i.e. the business website thus leading potential customers directly to the site.

Build A Following & Keep Them Coming Back

Again, people enjoy attractive images. The first step in gaining followers on Pinterest is to create an attractive account. People tend to be more inclined to follow an individual versus a business as an individual tends to be more believable unless the brand is well-known.

Create unique board names such as “Tomato Gardens” “Strawberry Gardens” and “Lettuce Gardens” as opposed to just “Gardens.” When someone is searching for information in relation to a specific type of garden, the more specific information will populate thus leading to more pins and traffic to the business website.

Quality Matters

Using only high quality photos is vital to capturing customers. The image should appear professional with lighting to highlight the subject in the photo. The size of the image is also important because the image needs to be easily accessible by potential customers. Keep the resolution around 800 x 1000 pixels.

With millions of users on Pinterest every day, it is not that difficult to get a business name out there despite the high volume of pinned images. Keep in mind that people are on Pinterest to discover and learn new things. Take advantage of this and make this wonderful marketing tool work for your business.

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