Local Link Building Basics

Local link building is when another website has a link that is hyperlinked to your website. It is communication within the Internet. A great example of this is when your local news publishes an article about your business and includes a link to your website or one of your service’s site links.

Local link building is helpful for your business not only because it increases awareness’s of your business through other networks, but it is good for your SEO campaign. There are two types of local links ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow.’ ‘Nofollow’ links do not affect SEO; however, they are good for marketing and increasing awareness of your business. The ‘dofollow’ links are good for your SEO campaign. To know the difference between ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’ look at the HTML of the link on the website. Google does not index ‘Nofollow’ links and ‘dofollow’ links are; thus aiding in your SEO efforts. However, is it wise to have a higher quantity of ‘dofollow’ links? No.

For a successful campaign have a mixture of quality ‘dofollow’ links and ‘nofollow’ links. Doing this could increase your search ranking with Google’s algorithm. There are many aspects to considerer when your goal is to appear higher in the rankings, but every effort helps when supporting your business online.



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