5 Examples of Memes that WORK

3 min readSep 16, 2019


Let’s talk about memes!

Today we’re going to be talking about why your business should be utilizing the power of memes! Memes are all across the internet and are very appealing and relatable to today’s millennial consumers. Memes defined by Urban Dictionary are…


Well while memes can be a cure of depression, what are they really? Memes are essentially photos with text or videos, of TV shows, athletes, movies, or anything that is in pop culture. They are typically meant to be funny, and are used to describe a variety of situations in everyday life, some examples below of memes from the past


As you can see there are a variety of memes for a variety of people, although one drawback to memes is, they have a very short lifespan typically, so it is more of a ride the wave type of thing. Some savvy businesses have joined in on the fun of memes and I believe they have found it to be very beneficial such as the Instagram page of the NBA team the Sacramento Kings…


They are an excellent example of how to keep your memes relevant to your business, while still being very entertaining, they take jabs at other organizations or even at their own fans, all while being lighthearted and fun. Another example of excellent meme usage by a well-known brand is none other than the fashion giant Gucci…


Even high-end brands such as Gucci are not immune to the growing prowess of memes across the internet. It is a great way to maintain your business’s relevancy and show that you are willing to adapt to trends and not always take yourself too seriously. One last example of a titan in their respective field using memes is Denny’s…

Denny’s decided to have some fun with its customers and have them engage in a scavenger hunt of sorts, which they embark on a journey throughout the photo to find the eventual punchline, “Has this distracted you from overwhelming existential dread lol”, which surprisingly is actually something that many millennials find very near to their heart. This tweet had received over 385K likes, and 225K comments, which is absolutely amazing to spark word of mouth, just through one simple meme.

We hope this article has inspired to make your own endeavor into the world of memes and see the power it can have your own business, one last note is to always remember to not make your memes feel forced, but to make them feel genuine and relatable to your target demographic, otherwise they will be dismissed as trying too hard and fake.