I love Robinhood

1 min readSep 10, 2018

I was very hesitant at first as I’ve been a loyal eTrade user, but when I learned about Robinhood Gold I started to test the platform, and I absolutely LOVE IT NOW! Never before in history would you be able to not have to pay fees for buying and selling securities.

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We believe that the financial system should work for the rest of us, not just the wealthy.

We’ve cut the fat that makes other brokerages costly, like manual account management and hundreds of storefront locations, so we can offer zero commission trading.

No manual needed.

We’ve designed Robinhood from the ground up for the next generation of newcomers and experts alike.

It’s fast, dead simple and just works.

Learn by doing.

With Robinhood, you can learn to invest in the stock market as you build out your portfolio.

Discover new stocks through Collections, track your favorites with a personalized news feed, and more.

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