How To Write An Outstanding Bio For Your Instagram Profiles

3 min readJul 8, 2020

One of the most striking aspects of any social media account is its bio. How many times have you visited a profile and decided to stay after reading their bio? There are many more than you think! A bio is the cover letter that a brand or business offers to its audience since it is the first information that users come into contact with. However, writing one can be a bit tricky, so we decided to explain what to do in order to create an outstanding Instagram bio that captures everyone’s attention. You cannot miss those tips!

1. Name and user.

Although this does not belong to the bio, they have a close relationship. Your name and username must be consistent with your brand or business. Do not use pseudonyms or nicknames as users will seek to identify you by your business name. For that reason, we recommend that you do not use abbreviations, strange words, or funny phrases in either case. Contrary to this, make sure that your name represents your brand or company and does not cause confusion in those people who want to find you.

2. Description.

Once you define your name and username, it’s time for the description. In this section, you will have a limited number of characters that you must use wisely to show who you are and what you do. Here, it is important to use direct language that makes the message clear. Also, it is recommended to adapt it to the type of client you are looking for and be as concise as possible to take advantage of that precious space.

If the bio is for a business, it is essential to put something related to the niche and the products or services it offers. If it is a personal or professional profile, you cannot forget your skills, training, or experience. Remember that you must put information that makes you stand out and generates interest in those who read it.

Tips to write your description.

- Consider using emojis:

Emojis are useful to personalize your brand. Many people are afraid to use them but they turn out to be elements of great help when it comes to giving a unique and creative touch to Instagram bios. Besides, it is proven that its colors can also help capture more attention.

- Organize the content of your bio:

As we have mentioned, the description field of an Instagram bio offers a limited number of characters. Considering this, one of the best tips is to distribute the information using spaces and phrases. This will help those who visit your profile to break it down into smaller bites and, at the same time, it will make it easier for you to highlight the most important aspects of your brand or business.

- Includes a call to action:

All marketing strategies promote adding a call to action to your content, and your Instagram bio should not escape it. To find out what to post, answer the following question: What do you want people who visit your profile to do after they have seen it? If you sell a product, you can invite them to see a catalog, for example. Everything will depend on the goal you intend to achieve.


- Include your contact information.

- Post information about work hours if it is a business.

- Use keywords. This will not help users find you faster but they will be very useful to identify you more easily.

- You can include a personalized link, that is, a URL address of some website.

Writing a good bio has never been so easy! Are you ready to write an outstanding and striking one that captures everyone’s attention and takes your brand or business to the top?