How to Utilize Story Telling Most Efficiently in Social Media!

3 min readOct 15, 2019

When thinking about the ways to develop your customers trust within your business. We as business owners, or those who aspire to own and create a business, must make our company relatable, we must show that we understand their pains, wants, and needs. We must be warm, accepting and kind. Our companies must reflect the qualities of that of a dear friend, or relative, someone that the consumer can feel comfortable around. We must make our customers see and feel our vision. We owe it to our consumers to inspire them, humor them, inform them, and comfort them. If you are interested in learning how to accomplish this lofty feat, then you have come to the right place my friends.

1. First, we must figure out what our company’s main goal is, what do we wish to accomplish? Take some time to pull out a piece of paper and brainstorm about this, write down what the impact that you wish to make on the world is, what change would you like to bring about through your company, what pain will you provide the remedy for?

2. Second, let’s think about how you wish to attract your customers attention, do you want to appear as a humorous company through your marketing campaigns compared to the likes of Doritos, Geico, Mountain Dew, this is often a safe route, as we as human beings all enjoy laughing. Or would you consider the more serious inspirational route? Likened more so to Apple and Nike. Another route that some take is that of guilt or fear, we can look to examples of this from companies such as Red Cross, ASPCA, and PETA, these companies attempt to tug strongly on the viewing audiences heart strings. All of these are effective in their own right, it is up to you to choose which would be most appropriate according to your company’s product, vision, and goals.

3. Third, now it is time to think about what is your company’s USP or unique selling proposition, what makes your business special? Think about the why, why should people care about your business? What change are you stirring up? Is your product genuinely more innovative than the competitions, is it your customer service that sets you apart? There are many differentiating factors within businesses even more so in products that have so many commonalities such as fruits, batteries, soaps, to give a few examples, these businesses must think long and hard about ways to create the perception that their business is somehow superior to the competitions, is your business GMO free? Gluten free? Vegan? Organic? Handmade? This where these buzzwords and many more come into play, and they are vital to your companies marketing success to utilize words such as these to their fullest potential. Let the customers know that the decision they are making is better for the environment, better for the future of humanity if that is what your company’s goal is!

I hope you’ve found this information helpful today, and it will help you to succeed in your future endeavors! Always remember that story telling is king in the world of business.