How to use Facebook to grow your business with these 5 Tactics

3 min readAug 13, 2020

Although it may seem that the balance is tilting towards other social interaction platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, Facebook is still the most popular social network worldwide. It has more than 2 million users per month, including adults, youth, and children.

For that reason, if you want to make sure that your company’s content reaches consumers, having a strong presence on Facebook is essential. To get the most out of your Facebook page and manage to attract/captivate visitors, we recommend optimizing your profile within this tool. Do you want to know how to do it? Pay attention to the following information!

1. Create a profile of your brand or company instead of a personal one.

Facebook’s terms of use indicate something very specific: Personal profiles should not be used to represent something that is not a person. Therefore, if you choose to use your private account for commercial purposes, you will not only be damaging the image of your brand, but you will also be violating the regulations of the platform.

2. Request a custom URL for your page.

Once you create an account, Facebook assigns you a random number and URL that can look like Do you think it is an interesting link to click on? We know you don’t! But that is not a problem; you can request a personalized URL that will give much more character to your brand or business. Besides, it favors visibility and improves web positioning.

3. Optimize the information or About Us section

This little box is more valuable than you think since the information section of your Facebook page is the first thing visitors come into contact with. Write some details that help people get to know your brand or business better. Also, put yourself in the shoes of your audience and imagine what is the first thing they want to know about you. There you have the starting point to write the rest!

4. Work hard to get the “high message response level” badge.

We all like to receive attention quickly and effectively. That is why we recommend you work hard to obtain this qualification. If you respond quickly to the majority of users who send you messages, you can get the badge called “high level of response to messages” which turns out to be very attractive to all visitors.

5. Add your milestones.

Facebook pages for brands or businesses have a very useful feature: milestones. This section allows you to highlight some of the main achievements of your company, such as awards, product launches, important events, and other recognitions. In this way, your followers will be able to know everything you have reached!

Extra tips:

- Add a recognizable profile picture and a striking cover image.

- Place a call to action button.

- Optimize your content.

- Publish at the best time according to your audience.

- Make sure your images are in the correct format.

- Use the analytical data of Facebook in your favor.

Now that you have all the necessary tricks to boost your business through Facebook, what are you waiting for to optimize your profile? Don’t wait any longer and go for all the benefits that this social network has for you!