How to Optimize Your Pinterest Strategies

Want to increase your product engagement? It’s as simple as making a few changes to your usual posting regimen!


Keywords, keywords, keywords; location, location, location. These two go hand-in-hand: a golden egg will make you richer, because users can find your posts easier.

Quality Images

Investing in images of your product is great for not only your website, but your Pinterest page as well.

Here’s what to focus on for best results:

  • Good Image = Good Engagement. The better quality photo/credited image (ex. absence of blurriness, uncluttered backgrounds, good lighting), the more engagement the product will receive.
  • Remember it Reflects. Remember that the picture you select represents your business — it will directly reflect your brand


A broken link can break the bank. If users can’t access what you want to sell, engagement AND your business-client rapport will suffer. Fix both by paying attention to the way you link products for potential clients.

Check up on your links:

  • Are they broken? Fix them.
  • Do they link to the right page? If not, fix them.
  • Where are they located? Off to the side or near the bottom of the page? Move them up and into the body of the text.

In general, the landing page you use should relate to what you are talking about.

If it doesn’t:

  • Potential clients may develop a negative association with your brand.
  • Might lead to less followers/engagement.
  • Won’t lead to a sale most of the time.

Bottom line: proper linkage will add SEO power to your page by spreading the link juice (see How to SEO for more info on link juice). The more link juice, the better your SEO is.


DIYs are your friend on Pinterest!

Do them right — amp up engagement in one step:

  • Invest in Instructions. Make sure the DIY instructions are easily accessible for users. Putting instructions in the image or in the text portion of the post will lead to more engagement because the potential lead will not have to work hard to get the information.
  • Quick tip: make sure instructions are visible in the post or on the image.
  • Quick tip: make sure instructions are clear and grammatically correct.

Call to Action

Finally, include a call to action so that users are prompted to take action. Calls to action are — simply put — action-oriented. They are prompts for potential clients to do something and do it now.

Placing an urgent-sounding one- or two-liner in your post can do wonders for engagement that results in true follow-through. Better yet include alliteration (words starting with the same letter or words that have similar sounds) to amp up the catchiness of your call to action.

Here are some examples to get you started:

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Integrate Platforms

Don’t forget that linking and sharing between all your platforms helps you engage more potential clients and increase your following.

6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ | Singer Producer & Songwriter #CleanPartyMusic

6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ | Singer Producer & Songwriter #CleanPartyMusic