Today we’re going to discuss how to create a large and thriving fan base on ANY social media platform! We’re going to go over techniques and strategies to give you the highest chances of success possible. It will be up to you to put in the work. But we will give you the layout. We’re going to discuss things like consistency, transparency, building a brand image, along with your values, and color scheme.

1. Keep it Consistent: Consistency is key to building a solid rapport with your fan base, keep a schedule on when you’ll be releasing your content and stick to it. For example, if you release food challenges, release one every Tuesday at 3 o’clock so your fans know when to tune into your social media channel, it gives them something to look forward to, and it creates a sense of anticipation. Your fans will thank you for this and will be able to tell others when they can tune in as well, a good example of this is the YouTube show “Hot One’s” which airs on a weekly schedule in-season.

2. Keep it Transparent: Transparency is key when building a loyal fan base that will brag about you to everyone they know. You have to let them know if you haven’t been posting, why not? Or let them get a behind the scenes look behind your creative process, how do you come up with these stunning visuals, engaging stories, or hilarious videos? The people want to know! Being honest is always the best quality, do your best to assist your fans in whatever way you can.

3. Building a Brand Image: When building a brand image, you need to think of what does YOUR targeted demographic relate with the most? What colors would really draw them in? As well as what colors really fit with the theme of your business, as each color conveys a different emotion, red: power, blue: calm, tranquility, purple: royalty, yellow: energy, happiness. Each unique with the power to display many different messages, and conjure up many different emotions within your fans, choose your colors wisely. We need to think about the brand values associated with your brand as well, what do you stand for? What impact are you looking to make on the lives of your fans, as well as the world at large.




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