How to Attract More Customers to Your Social Media Page in 5 Minutes

2 min readDec 17, 2019


In the day and age of fast pace social media, advertisements, and viral content, it can be confusing and often times frustrating trying to figure out ways to attract new customers to your blog, website, or social media page. Well that’s what we here at Real-Time OutSource are going to teach you to do today, in 5 minutes!

1. First! Look at the current trends in the landscape of social media, what is hot right now? What memes are getting the most reposts and tags? What hashtags are blowing up right now? What is the funniest video on the web? Find these currently hot items and somehow make your business relevant to that, in an attempt to ride the wave, it is a very easy way to create more buzz for your business and in turn get more customers clicking your way.

2. Is there a cause that your company is passionate about? Breast cancer awareness? Lupus? ALS? You can create something that will not only get you more customers but also more importantly create a meaningful impact. Take for example the famous ice bucket challenge, while it may seem silly and ineffective it did wonders in raising money for research and created real positive change, all off one viral challenge. Take some time to brainstorm with your colleagues to create the next ice bucket challenge!

3. Give an incentive to future potential customers to want to visit your page, holding a contest perhaps, where if someone reposts something and follows your page, they get throw into a random drawing to win a prize! Things like this get people excited, as nothing sounds better than free. This is an easy way to create a big buzz with minimal cost. These are all unorthodox methods of creating brand awareness, guerilla marketing if you will.

4. Other more traditional ways of getting more customers to your page, are using tools such as Google Ads which is tremendously useful it allows you to show ads to targeted demographics all across the web whether that be on Google’s own search engine, YouTube, different blogs, and any kind of website you can think of where your customer may be going to.

I hope you all have found this information useful, but always information is only good if it is being applied!