How Social is Massively Changing Business

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word business? A big fancy five stories high building with tinted windows, that sounds about right? What we don’t realize is that it has never been about the structure of the business. It is about the location. Now an example: Where is the Internet? It is everywhere basically. It is always within reach, easy to get to, and not to mention free in some locations. However, location has always been the key to a thriving business.

The location theory proves that the Internet is the most resourceful, can be easily accessed, and has nation-wide locations. This means that a thriving business nowadays can only be with the help of the inter-web, websites, and social media. We all know what that means, to own or borrow a device to use the Internet obviously. But my point, is that the world is literally changing every single day at a faster pace every other day and these changes include the online world becoming more popular, helpful, and useful.

-Popular because of social media sites.

-Helpful because you can find anything you want or seek.

-Useful for expanding your name and advertising anything, but it works best for any business advertising.

I had a funny thought. “You can’t have an office without a computer, because the computer is the office.” It is literally four walls, cabinets, files, a light, everything you need you owe it to the computer and that is all a figure of speech. Like it or not, you need social media, and social media needs you. Together you can be heard online, your writing or pictures or anything will be seen by anyone. How great is that?! At the very least, your work is out into the world and visible. Believe me when I tell you that our future in business happens with the help of Social media, and there are endless ways to advertise don’t get me wrong.

I used to go door to door as kid passing out flyers to the neighbors supporting my father’s business. In a less technological time, granted that was only 15 years ago, there is a major difference in computers, Internet and advertising. Especially if we know what we are doing, but if our computer system is at least up-to-date I am telling you we can rely on these devices with our business life, and even our social life. Although you shouldn’t get used to that too much, face-to-face will always make the best for meetings, and especially for a good introduction. Yet, continuous business communication can be easily professional over video conference calls. Adapting is how we are going to accomplish this future that we are thriving and striving for. We can make it happen, and put trust in the technology that we have at our disposal. Remember, the extent of your abilities is as great as the imagination.

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