How COVID-19 pandemic has affected social media marketing

2 min readJan 6, 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has not only affected the daily routine of people and the economy of the world’s most powerful nations, but it has also had a great impact on social media. For that reason, marketers have had to go to great lengths to find the right ways to do their jobs.

The changes and obstacles have been numerous. Now, social media marketers must adapt to often tight budgets and must modify all their strategies to suit an audience full of customers experiencing a lockdown. But not everything is negative.

More time on social networks.

Spending more time at home usually means using the phone longer and checking social media more often. Due to restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, people do not go out to work or meet their friends. Therefore, they turn to technology for connection.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok became even more popular in many ways. Also, studies show that the use of social media platforms will continue to a similar degree in the near future, even after the pandemic.

Marketers can take advantage of this behavior and provide valuable content with a social approach that allows people to find what they are looking for and spend more time online connected with brands and companies. This is quite an interesting twist on your usual plans.

Ad? Everywhere!

Advertising on social media was also positively impacted by the pandemic. In addition to having great influencers promoting products and services, authority and emerging companies began to use platform ads more strongly.

Although many initially canceled their marketing campaigns, the ads got back on track and achieved surprising data. According to Mobile Marketer, for example, engagement with mobile ads grew 15%.

Most popular influencers.

During the lockdown, there was also an increase in social media users’ connections with influencers. Users began to interact with the most famous people’s content on social media.

Marketers also had to change some of their tactics to include influencers in their campaigns or create similar content to make users connect with the brand or company they work for.

Online shopping explosion.

Another aspect that revolutionized digital marketing was online shopping. Shoppers started purchasing their items from online stores, as most of the physical ones were forced to close.

The different social media platforms have adapted their interface to connect brand and company accounts to their commercial websites. Marketers who have taken advantage of these tools have achieved conversion rates never seen before.

COVID-19 changed the way people view, understand, and use the Internet. Therefore, the importance of social media marketing has increased, and marketers are working hard to take advantage of all the benefits that it brings.