Here Are Reasons Why TikTok Is A Good Fit For Marketing

5 min readNov 16, 2021

TikTok is now the well-known application that is termed as the fastest growing platform of all time from its existence. Also, it is the one that has been shortlisted as the most downloaded application globally in the past two years. TikTok is a video marketing tool, which has short videos that reach people in a short duration. TikTok’s active users are about 800 million, which says that it is the 9th application to have a dense population.

Marketers are drawn by TikTok as it reflects the social media trend for collaboration and creativity among Gen-Z. Owing to its fast-paced nature, users are attached to this platform spending an average of 52 minutes in a day. And however, about 90% of TikTok users access this application daily. A study proves that 68% of the users watch out for some other’s videos and 55% upload their videos.

Let’s see why TikTok is a big deal for marketing!

Why TikTok For Marketing Matters A Lot?

If you have come across the latest news that TikTok now is not only the application for the cultural sphere but also the political world. Luckily, the launch of TikTok for business has been helpful to so many people in the community. With a slot of new features, people enjoy the content, where they can implement new tactics if they want in their content.

There are more and more brands jumping in TikTok just for a wide range of exposure as there is a little bit of competition. When you get into the platform for the first time, FYP on TikTok will filter your interests based on your past interactions. Get on this ultimate application and use it as a marketing tool for your brands.

5 Reasons On Why TikTok A Big Cheese For Marketing Field

Reason #1: Influencers On TikTok

Influencer marketing is a common thing that could be found on all applications and TikTok has no exception for it as well. And if you don’t know what it is all about, reach out to TikTok and find the influencers who help brands by helping them financially. Brands choose the right influencers for their campaign so they could target a wide range of audiences.

Influencer marketing seems to be particularly effective because people do trust real people like them, it’s more like a recommendation from a friend and not from an advertisement. TikTok is also a field that is widely adopted by businesses and now is equal to that of Instagram marketing as it has a personalized flair on it.

Reason #2: Advertising On TikTok

TikTok advertisements are relatively new additions to the platform and they are also highly effective. However, there is an open talk that TikTok ad space is a direct competitor to Snapchat and Instagram. TikTok is as common as other social media has its own paid ads but there are some quirky facts behind it that every marketer should be aware of.

There are about five advertising modules and they are as follows:

In-Feed Ads: They are also called TikTok’s standard ad format, which allows you to embed the video ad that embeds the video ad that is played in the For You feed. It has an optimal duration of about 15 seconds.

Top-View Ads: Top view ads are the ones that appear on the TikTok For You page as soon as you open the app. Their duration is about 60 seconds long and offers a good viewing experience.

Brand-Takeover: These ads are the ones full-screen, with high impact and they are slightly similar to the previous top-view ones. They appear either as a 3-second image or as a 3–5 seconds video.

Branded Hashtag Challenge: These ads are the best fit for user-generated content and in this way, they engage audiences by encouraging the content. And the ad format can be broken down into three placements in the app.

Branded Effects: This kind of ad format helps brands to show their playful side by utilizing their branded stickers. However, these effects can be used in standalone campaigns or cultivated in hashtag challenges.

Reason #3: Presence Of Diverse Content

TikTok is not a new network to build an online expression. TikTok is now bringing bite-sized media to the forefront, creators must learn all the nooks and corners in TikTok.

Popular posts on TikTok fall into two categories: music and comedy, when you create content in these genres it tends to receive more likes on TikTok expressing how effective your content is. There are a lot of topics that do survive on TikTok, choose the one which consistently forces you to learn something new about it every time.

Consistent branding on TikTok is the most important thing because people are regularly watching the posts on social networks. On the other hand, if you are a creator you must be consistent with your posts to gain long-lasting audiences for your products.

Reason #4 Chances Of Going Viral

When TikTok content is unique in its way there are more chances that your content is yet to go viral. Now, finally, TikTok has confirmed that people on TikTok have grown massively and it is phenomenal. Also, some studies have proved that the followers count on TikTok does not lay a foundation to get featured on For You Page.

What does this mean? It means that you can have overnight success just after posting one video. If you are the one who has spent only a short time on TikTok, do wide research on how vast the platform is and find out the niche that suits you in all ways. You can utilize the opportunities on the way whether it might be the usage of hashtags or challenges.

Reason #5: TikTok Is Not An Saturated Platform

TikTok is still a very new opportunity to use and was initially released in 2016 and gave its hit in 2018. Its parent company decided to merge it with another app called TikTok marketing has become more common where people make huge loads of money using the creator fund option. On the other hand, influencers are becoming more and more helping brand owners.

Major brands have made their way towards TikTok as this app’s result is highly satisfiable like other fields like Snapchat and Instagram do. TikTok is still the best fit for marketing as some of the results have proved their marketing success. As a newcomer, you have less competition but some are still fighting over the same target audiences.


TikTok now has shrouded all the political controversies and it’s the best medium that some don’t know how to use. TikTok for business now has become a very casual thing as there are lots of examples, which proved their success already.

Overall there is no substitute to replace TikTok as it is good in its way of content creation. I hope the article was useful and it would be a part of your success somehow!

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