1. Be diligent in your research: If you’re deciding how you’re going to advertise a new product, you must look at many different variables to find out who your target market is, what demographics do they fit into, their religion, their income, their gender, their ethnicity, the amount of children they have, and that is just on the surface. What makes your potential consumer tick, what are their inner most desires. You can find these things out and much more, through research, whether that be focus groups, surveys, etc. You have a wide range of tools at your disposal, and with the ever-changing landscape of the consumer market, it is important to always fine tune your target market.

2. Know Your Why: While consumers are going to always be interested in what your selling, they want to know who is selling it, when it is going to go on sale. The most important W out of the 5 is Why, why are you selling what you are selling, what change do you hope to see in the world from people having your product and/or service. Is it simply to just have more money in your pocket and that’s it? While not exactly what I’d call inspiring, I do commend you for your honesty. Having a powerful why is one of the best habits to create for your business, take some time to really sit down and think about why you want to do what you want to do.

3. Be Human: In a day and age of forever increasing automation, artificial intelligence, and fake connections. We should all as marketers want to try to be as genuine and human as possible in our approach. Whether that be in our advertisements, our public relations, or even with our own staff, we need to remember that transparency and the warmth that can only be created by a true human connection, are some of things hold closet to their hearts.

4. Pay Attention to The Competition: For our last good marketing habit to get into, is to pay attention to your competitors! See what materials they’re using, what’s their customer service like, what is about their product that consumers like more than yours. Your competitors are one of your greatest reservoirs of information. So much to learn through their mistakes and successes. Do not be too prideful to make use of this information.

I hope you’ve found this information useful, and informative, and may it assist you greatly in all of your future marketing endeavors.