When you think about ways to advertise your brand, it’s easy to dismiss Facebook as so 2012. To be sure, there are lots of new and exciting ways to market your business to customers, but Facebook Ads is a still a powerhouse tool that you can’t afford to ignore.

According to a new report from social advertising insight company Nanigans, Facebook advertising spend in Q3 2016 jumped an amazing 249 percent in the past year and return on ad spend increased a full 26 percent from 2015. “Thanks to continuous growth over the past year, video ads now constitute more than 50% of game advertiser mobile ad spend. Video’s share of mobile spend is up 20% from the prior quarter, and up 101% from Q3 2015,” notes Andrew Waber, Nanigans’ Market Insights and Media Relations Manager.

Those hefty numbers demonstrate just how valuable Facebook advertising is and why you need to include it in your marketing strategy. Unlike the “Spray and Pray” approach of many traditional online marketing options, Facebook Ads let you target your ads to the people most likely to respond to your brand. Ads appear right in the Facebook user’s information stream and, like Facebook itself, are optimized to display correctly on any tablet, mobile phone, desktop computer, and device platform.

Ad pricing begins at a mere $5 and include a full set of useful tracking tools and an Ads Manager app to measure results on the fly. Don’t worry about going it alone, Facebook walks you through the process every step of the way with a how-to guide and tip sheet to help you make the most of your advertising efforts.

Proof Facebook Ads Just Work

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JackThreads’ Facebook Ads really knock it out of the park and have the numbers to back it up:

  • ●Cost-per-acquisition for new member sign-ups is 30 percent lower than any of their other advertising channels
  • ●The match rate using custom audiences is 72 percent
  • ●The return on ad spend by combining Facebook Ads and custom audiences

Facebook Ads Get Results

6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ http://t.co/QvKsiVXCzC | Singer Producer & Songwriter http://t.co/rx301ugaqD #CleanPartyMusic

6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ http://t.co/QvKsiVXCzC | Singer Producer & Songwriter http://t.co/rx301ugaqD #CleanPartyMusic