Don’t Silence Your Phone At This Theater

2 min readApr 10, 2018

You may think a fellow Broadway patron is being rude by being on their phone during a theater performance; however, that is not the case at this New York Theater. Just recently, Seventeen Broadway New York Theater launched their very first app, which provides dubbing and subtitles to some of their shows. This app is dedicated to those hearing impaired or to crowds that are not fluent in English. Plus there is FREE Wi-Fi at this theater!

There is an estimate of 48 million Americans that are hearing impaired, and there were not many viable options available for this audience to truly enjoy theater performances. With this new IOS App Development the audience is free to enjoy the show, engage in conversations about the show, and connect with the composer, lyricist, or cast. This app also provides audio descriptions of the performance for audience members that are blind or have low-vision.

The GalaPro app works by capturing the audio of the performance and translating it into any language in closed captions in real time. The script of the show is downloaded into the app where voice-recognition software picks up the script from the cast and translates it onto the user’s screen in closed-caption.

How To use the App?

1. The audience member must put their phone in airplane mode

2. Turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to the theater’s free Wi-Fi (GalaPro Network)

3. Choose the show you are about to see

4. Choose the language you prefer

5. Choose either dubbing or the amplification feature

6. When ready to watch the show tap start. Real time translation will begin when the show starts

7. To adjust the brightness swipe up or down and zoom in and out to increase the font size

When you adjust the brightness of the app the black screen that appears does not disturb audience members around the user. Making the whole experience of the show more enjoyable for all.

Before the IOS app development of Gala Pro deaf audience members would occasionally have the performance signed to them. This option was very difficult to come by and was not available for many shows. Some theaters would offer performances in closed-captioned devices; however access was limited. But, with an app more shows are available to more patrons as long as they download the app on their mobile device. Have we also mentioned that this app is FREE! The Gala Pro app will be widely available for every Broadway Theater by July. Next time you are at the theater just know you have the option to watch the show with closed-captions in different languages.