Digital Marketing in Times of Crisis: Why Is It So Important?

3 min readJul 2, 2020

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 cases in almost every country in the world has led humanity to experience one of the most difficult times of crisis in history. Since the WHO declared this disease as a pandemic, many governments began to implement containment and prevention measures that resulted in a partial paralysis of the economy.

This — in addition to the fact that we had to completely transform the way we work — led us to understand how important it is to grow our business and take advantage of all the benefits that the Internet offers us. For that reason, we want to show you how you can take advantage of digital marketing to survive such a challenging time. Do you want to know how to do it? Continue reading!

The era of digitization.

Before the term “coronavirus” reached every corner of the planet, the way in which people operate their businesses had already found a new path. The era of digitization brought with it a series of changes in consumer behavior and owners of small, medium, and large companies were forced to modify their plans to adapt their projects to new technological trends. However, the arrival of the pandemic accelerated this whole process.

Now, traditional marketing and sales methods are no longer enough. The reasons behind it are the following:

- People spend more hours on the Internet since they have more free time.

- Online shopping has become increasingly popular as it is more secure and does not require buyers to leave home.

- Sellers cannot work the same way as before and must promote their services remotely.

- There are no longer so many face-to-face events, so sellers should look for other ways to show their products.

- Social networks have become essential in daily life, and many users use them as a reliable way to get to know a brand or business.

How can I take advantage of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing, in this way, is an excellent ally to take advantage of the challenges of this situation and turn them into opportunities to grow your business. Here are some tips based on its principles:

- Find out who is more likely to become your customer: One of the objectives of digital marketing is to identify your ideal audience so that you can focus your efforts on the right people and increase the effectiveness of your strategies.

- Generate quality content: If you already know who you want to target, then you have more possibilities to create good content that generates interest. Digital marketing allows you to optimize it and also helps you develop an ideal action plan to publish it and take advantage of all its benefits.

- Facilitates interaction and proximity with the audience: Currently, the links between the brand and the user are very important. In this sense, digital marketing promotes a direct and personalized relationship with customers to encourage engagement.

And there are even many more advantages! Digital marketing also allows us to measure and analyze the results obtained after its implementation, which is why experts consider it a very complete tool. Are you determined to use it to grow your business during periods of crisis? Remember that hard times will pass and we will have experience and knowledge. We can learn something new every day thanks to them!