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Advertising on social media is a powerful, proven method to boost sales, connect with clients, and increase brand awareness. It is an absolute must requiring hands-on experience and extraordinary communication skills. Scientific studies

demonstrate the strength behind an effective social media advertising campaign by tallying the topics and the total number of ‘shares’ each one has earned. It also shows a reduction in concentration among users. Ads placed on social media typically hold a person’s attention for less than 15 seconds

, making it more important than ever to get your message professionally composed and delivered to your audience in such a way that it is impossible to ignore.

Proven Strategies Reap Rewards

is everything and knowledge is power. There are indispensable truths outlined below that are essential in designing and marketing your business:

Knowing the Role of Social Media


‘ which encourage consumers to ‘follow us’. There are also the ‘lead gen cards’ that help promote an offer by collecting email addresses.


, and Offer ads.


, and photo ads.

Hiring Trusted Advertising Strategists

· Crafting an advertising strategy

· Maintaining an updated online presence

· Monitoring the effectiveness of social media tools and tactics

· Implementation of a product launch plan

· Management of social media pages and content

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6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ | Singer Producer & Songwriter #CleanPartyMusic

6'8 & Chief Social Marketer @ | Singer Producer & Songwriter #CleanPartyMusic