We’re all going through a lot right now! In today’s blog post we will be discussing even MORE ways, yes MORE ways to post content on your company’s social media platform! We will be discussing topics such as event promotion, live videos, inspirational quotes, company accomplishments, ask for your customers feedback, and social media Q&A sessions!

1. LIVE VIDEOS: Give us a live video where you give us a tour of your office/facility, show us your employees hard at work. You can show a product or service demonstration in real time. You can show your teams creative process, while inventing new products/services, their brainstorming, sketches, etc.

2. INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES: Another great idea for content on your company’s social media is to post inspirational quotes that pertain to your business, whether these quotes are from your own imagination or from the minds of leaders in the field of business, this can be present leaders, or leaders from throughout history.

3. COMPANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Post about breakthroughs that your company has made, what strides are you making in your field? This is a way to inspire others, and to spark word of mouth amongst your followers.

4. ASK FOR CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Stop guessing about what your customers prefer and what they like or dislike when you can find out by asking them directly!

5. SOCIAL MEDIA Q&A SESSIONS: Last but not least, we have social media Q&A sessions, which can be extremely beneficial in allowing your followers to get to pick your brain and give them an insight into your company’s vision. This will increase transparency within your company, which is always welcomed by consumers.

That about wraps it up for today’s blog! As always, we hope that this information will be beneficial to you, and your company’s business endeavors!