5 Great Techniques To Expand Your Instagram Stories Engagement

5 min readSep 8, 2021

At present, marketing on social media is everything about engaging your existing audience. It’s not actually for the reach of your Instagram stories or posts, but it’s a lot more like total people count reacting to your Instagram posts after getting them.

We are here to share a few essential and valuable tips to do the exact things discussed above. Thus, you could grab excellent tips which you could use to boost up your stories’ engagement on Instagram.

Nowadays, Instagram users are going more crazy about story features on the platform. So, implement the tips mentioned below to enhance your story engagement on Instagram. Let’s jump in.

5 Great Techniques To Expand Your Instagram Stories Engagement

Pick these five great techniques before uploading your story content to attain maximum reach, increasing engagement, and grab massive story views for your Instagram stories.

Craft A Story

Naturally, narrating a story through Instagram stories is a perfect way to double your story engagements on the platform. Thus, utilize this factor from the beginning till the end.

Remember that uploading a photo is an easy thing, but to grab your audience for engaging, it is necessary to bring up the context and good CTAs to convert your viewers to engage leads.

Include Best Captions

A hard thing but an effective way to skyrocket your story engagement on Instagram is to bring up the best captions to your Instagram image or video stories.

A fact is that most users are unmuting when searching through their feed on the platform. And also, recent research says that nearly 75% of Instagram users watch Instagram stories without sound(sound muting option). So, it would help you a lot when you write some excellent captions in the story content on Instagram to increase your audience responses and reach.

Utilize Instagram Story Stickers

Create your Instagram stories more colorful with emojis & stickers and bring them attractive & funny to your target audience. There are many stickers on the platform to include, but there are two stickers that make brands double their Instagram stories engagements. Let’s see:

Poll Stickers

Recently, Instagram users love to react to Instagram poll stickers rather than other stickers. It’s mainly because the asked question would be interesting to your audiences. It massively benefits you more in taking your business to the next step and can get the content type to upload in the future for better engagement from your active audience.

The most significant factor from the poll stickers is that you have simple access to view the people lists who provided answers to your Instagram poll. And also, you could DM them privately within 24 hours to start and build the conversation.

Question Stickers

It’s an informative and exciting sticker that most users on the platform attract to your story content. You could quickly grab your Instagram audience to give a question to you in the stories using a question sticker. Thus, it attains the massive opportunity to double your story engagement on Instagram.

If any user on the platform asks you a question from the question sticker you posted, you will receive a notification, and it’s the perfect time to answer the question and post it in your stories. If you upload an answer containing story content, a user who asked you a question would get a notification that their stunning question acquires a reply.

Here, you can choose a specific subject when you ask your audience to ask a question? Like the things they are interested in most or about positive dreams and goals.

Additional Stickers

Other stories stickers on Instagram like hashtags, location, mention, or emojis stickers are also great for gaining more engagements for your Instagram stories. These things would add attractiveness to your Instagram stories and pick the attention of your audiences. Thus, select Instagram story stickers correctly for your Instagram stories and develop your performance.

Use Prompts Or Calls

Sometimes, it is more crucial to encouraging your audience about what they need to do next. Could you utilize relevant prompts in your Instagram stories to boost engagement and users’ time spent on your Instagram stories while still confused about prompts?

So, here are some prompts to bring user engagement for your Instagram stories:

Tap For More

Start with a tile that encourages a compelling question and include the “Tap for more” prompt effectively on your story content on Instagram. It creates excellent hype in viewers and brings them to tap on it. To upload the next tile showcasing relevant and proper info like informational video content or images about what you need to convey to your target audiences.

Hold To Read

Add immense content to tell a big story using more informative texts or pictures, such as finding a specific small item from many things in a picture. Here, you could use the prompt “Hold to read” and bring them to see the entire content or image.

Get Ready To

It excites anticipation and excitement in your target audience and supports you to bring the tone of what arrives in the future. When you use the prompt “Get ready to,” it simply means you are taking your audience to screenshot your next tile or making them turn up the total volume or bringing them to rotate the screen to watch in the full-screen view.

Screenshot Story Content

Every tip is more crucial, but screenshot stories are more attractive to raise your audience’s reach and engagements for the story content on the platform. Here are a few screenshot stories examples:


It’s the welcoming thing to your Instagram stories because you are providing something useful for your audience. Your wallpapers may include cute quotes or stunning wallpapers. So, providing wallpapers in stories increases your brand awareness values.

Stories Battle

Gamifying experiences could be a perfect method to double the engagements. Utilize this strategy to your story content on the platform to generate more lead forms and provide giveaways for winning challenges and help you gain more target audience.


Instagram stories could be the perfect way to stay in the feeds of your followers. Thus follow these five techniques to double your story engagement on Instagram and lighten your innovative and creative mind. And also, you can spend more time thinking about more options that help in enhancing your profile.

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