4 Strategic Ideas of Types of Content to Post on Social Media

2 min readMay 21, 2020


Today we’re going to be discussing the different types of content your business could post on their social media platforms. This can be things like a blog specifically for your company, it could be showing your companies expertise in the field. There could be posts showing what your company’s culture. Discussing the newest news and trends in your industry. Your company could post polls that will allow your customers to interact more directly with you. You could post review videos of software and products that are useful in your business field.

1. Blog about Your Business: You can explore many different ideas and avenues through this medium, talk all about tips and tricks that will assist your customers in their endeavors.

2. Posts about Company Culture: You can make posts about what your company’s culture is like. You can show what makes your company unique, what values is it based on? What is your slogan? Why? This gives consumers a more in depth look at their favorite business, it reminds them why they love it, and gives them even more of a reason to tell their friends and family about it.

3. Discussing Current News & Events in Your Industry: This is a topic that you can post about frequently as businesses are forever evolving and changing at a constant rate. You can discuss the newest trends in social media, what is viral at the moment, what memes, what hashtags are popular, what challenges are going on, what age demographic is shifting toward using one particular social network over the other and why? These are all important questions to asks oneself, to be truly successful in the field of social media marketing.

4. Posting Polls: Posting polls on your social media such as a twitter poll and/or an Instagram story poll is an awesome way to interact with your customers. Some examples of questions that you could potentially ask are what kinds of content would they like to see in the future? What’s their favorite movie genre? Who’s their favorite artist at the moment? These types of questions will help you to better understand your audience and tailor more content specific to their needs.

Well that about wraps it up for today’s blog post! We hope that this information will assist you in deciding on what types of topics to post on your company’s social media platforms!