4 Social Media Marketing Don’ts You Should Know (And the Dos)

2 min readJan 30, 2020


Social media marketing is not an option in today’s business environment. For every business, big or small, smart use of social media is the way to go. To optimize your use of social media, these are some caveats that you definitely should pay attention to.

Don’t Forget Your Links

Your website is your anchor when it comes to marketing because that’s where you properly showcase what solutions you have to offer, what your brand is about, and what your business cares about. All roads should lead home, and by roads, we mean Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and just about every other social media platform you’re on.

Don’t Post Text Only

A chunk of text after another won’t cut it. Your audience will soon tune out. Not good for your business. Remember, with social media marketing, and indeed, all types of marketing, visuals always go a long way. Imagery is appealing, captivating and more impression leaving. Mix up your text with an infographic, a video, or photo(s).

Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews

One of the mistakes marketers do is to ignore negative feedback, believing if they do so, it will go away. In fact, these are the reviews that deserve your attention the most, because it shows goodwill and desire to fix mistakes. Instead, initiate dialogue with the customer. Ask for their contact so you can reach out and listen. Take this as a lesson on how to handle such a situation in future. It’s a win for everyone.

Don’t Spam Your Followers

There’s nothing more annoying on social media than seeing the same person fill your news feed with the same info time and again. Brands are not exempt. Inundating your followers with the same material, or even mixed up content, but without a break, will drive customers to hit the unfollow button. Instead, schedule your content in such timing that it’s relevant, fresh, and insightful every different time.

With these simple guidelines, you are guaranteed a smooth and productive use of the very handy social media to market your business and stay ahead of the curve.

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