3 Social Media Trends You Should Still Consider in 2018

2 min readSep 26, 2018

Typically, social media marketers make adjustments to their strategy at the beginning of each calendar year. But, with algorithm changes being implemented and new social media products being introduced all the time, it may be prudent to make adjustments to your strategy throughout the year. With that idea in mind, here are 3 social media trends you should consider as you contemplate your mid-year adjustments:

1. Ephemeral content delivers the best engagement rate.

Ephemeral content is that which is viewable for up to 24 hours. It could be said that Snapchat is the mother of ephemeral content, though recent changes have enabled users to keep content visible for longer. Now, because of its popularity, other social platforms have climbed aboard the ephemeral content train. That popularity is forcing marketers to get on board too. While using ephemeral content as a marketing tool may seem counter-intuitive, the reason it’s effective is people’s fear of missing out. If something is only available for a few hours, it forces people to make a decision right now.

2. Readers like content that engages them on a personal level.

Most millennials don’t trust traditional marketing content that’s written from the seller’s point of view. The archaic mindset that “everyone needs this product” leads to generic content that few people respond to anymore. Instead, marketing content that is written with specific personas in mind is more likely to be read and shared. By marketing to personas, you know exactly what your audience wants and will respond to rather than being generic and casting too wide a net.

3. Interactive broadcasting will be the next big thing.

You’re probably aware of Facebook live, and may even be using it as a passive marketing tool — likes and comments don’t count here. The logical next step in live streaming is the interactive broadcasting model. According to Small Business Trends, “Interactive broadcasting, where individuals and companies use their smartphone to host public video sessions that anyone can join, has become a major new communications medium.” Marketers who get ahead of this trend will also leap ahead of their competition.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, consider making some mid-year adjustments to your social media marketing strategy. Even if you act on just one of the trends we’ve outlined here, you’ll be ahead of the game. Meanwhile, contact us todayfor more help with your social media strategy.