21st Century Advertising Is On Social Media

2 min readFeb 10, 2019

While signs of advertising are detected in ancient eras, its biggest boom came around the mid-19th century in capitalist economies, through the use of newspapers and magazines. Radio and television commercials during the 20th century increased the saturation of ads, covering every bit of blank space possible with marketing campaigns. The 21st century is no exception to the evolution of commerce. Social media is now the leading platform for advertising. If you’re business is still focusing on traditional forms of marketing, your campaign is officially outdated.

Consumers have become more resistant.

Like an insect whose evolution made them a superbug, immune to repellent, people have become progressively resistant to traditional forms of advertising. The overload of exposure has resulted in consumers seeing right through marketing strategies. People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to, which means companies need to get creative.

Social media provides powerful opportunities for new campaigns.

While print and commercial ads are limited in time, space, and money, social media platforms can break through these barriers. Strategies can include:

  • User Generated Content — users promoting the brand, so the brand doesn’t have to, generating word-of-mouth reliability.
  • Brand Influencers — influential personalities connect with your target audience, producing organic growth.
  • Trust and Transparency — gaining loyalty of consumers by being open and honest about who you are, and what you provide.
  • Artificial Intelligence — tools such as chatbots, a conversational interface that uses text forms to communicate to your following.

Social media advertising is imperative for every brand.

Business marketing needs to grow at the same rate of technology to acquire and maintain the interest of their target market. Results show the rapid growth of social media advertising, confirming the continual evolution of marketing over the past couple centuries. Using social media platforms to advertise your business will produce a wider reach, save money, establish 24/7 customer service, and keep your marketing fresh and up-to-date.

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