2 Current Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of NOW

2 min readMay 8, 2020

Trends are very important to your success as a social media marketer. You must keep up in the face of the super-fast paced digital landscape that we have become accustomed to in this day and age. If we fail to stay up to date with trends, we are leaving ourselves at risk of being left behind, or even worse losing out on the chance to further optimize our business to the best of our capabilities. The trends will we be going over today are lifecycle marketing and conversational marketing. These will all be vital to your company’s success.

1. LIFECYCLE MARKETING: We need to pay more attention to the different stages our customers go through or lifecycles. We have the reach stage when we are first reaching out to them, whether that be through a social media channel, a YouTube video, a digital ad, an email marketing campaign, or even more traditional forms of media such as television, radio, or billboards. This is our first step is to grasp the customers attention. Stage 2 within the lifecycle would be to act on that attention we’ve grasped, now that we have their attention, we have to reel them into our website, which should be optimized for desktop and mobile usage, this is crucial, a poor website can drive customers away potentially losing out on a sale. Stage 3 is converting this curious consumer into a customer we can do that through encouraging them to sign up for our email newsletter through some type of incentive, this will allow us to continue onto the next step which is engaging with our customers, Stage 5. In this stage we will be focusing on creating customer loyalty, we will do this through our amazing product and or service, as well as our attentive customer service. This will assist us in creating further word of mouth opportunities.

2. CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING: Is utilizing the smart speakers which are now very prevalent in westernized households all across the globe and picking up on keywords, to assist us in figuring out which products customers are most interested in buying, this will help us to further pinpoint specific demographics that will be most likely to want to buy our products and services. We must utilize the ever-advancing field of technology to our benefit, as it makes our jobs easier as markets and takes more and more of the guessing out of the equation, we now have a more precise approach we can take as opposed to the traditional buckshot approach that was common.

Well that’s all we have for you today folks I hope this information was informative and assists you in all of your future marketing endeavors!