People spend a lot of time watching videos online. According to a survey performed by Statista, almost 30% of viewers watched over 10 hours of online video weekly.

It’s a huge number, right? And that also means we can use videos in social media marketing to create a successful strategy and achieve our objectives.

But do you know how to use videos in social media marketing? Don’t worry! That’s what we’ll learn here. Keep reading!

Define your goals for video marketing

When we are creating a strategy, there’s the need to set goals. So, the first step to start using videos in social media marketing is to define the objectives you hope to achieve.

Ask yourself “what do you want your online videos to accomplish?” at the beginning of your social media undertaking and create audiovisual content that helps you achieve such purpose more easily.

Choose the platform of your preference.

Each social media platform has its own video format. For example, TikTok has only one video format while Facebook relies on several types of videos.

Therefore, if you want to use videos in social media marketing, you must choose the best platform for your brand or business. At this point, it is also important to consider your goals.

If you plan to increase your sales number, what is the platform that would help you the most? Would it be Twitter or Instagram?

Select the types of videos.

In addition to choosing the perfect platform for your marketing strategy, you must also define the best type of videos.

Yes, there are many types of videos with different purposes and all of them can support your overall content strategy. However, you must choose the one that benefits your business or brand the most.

Videos for social networks could be educational, behind-the-scenes, interviews, entertaining and testimonials. The right video is the one that best supports your key goals.

Plan the content production.

There’s nothing more important than planning! If you want to create good videos, you must plan your content well. Keep in mind that a good content production plan can save you money and time, as well as bring you closer to your goal.

Regardless of the video type you choose, you must know how it will be created, filmed, and edited. And you have several options for planning: you can hire an agency or production company to help you relieve stress.

Promote your videos.

Once you have the videos ready, it’s time to schedule and promote them. Some platforms have publishing options, such as YouTube, which includes tags, playlists, categories, and privacy settings.

Also, remember that videos can be uploaded to various networks several times depending on your social media schedule. Leverage such opportunities!

More tips for using videos on social media:

· Analyze and understand metrics, including watch times, view counts, and so on.

· Produce multiple videos in a single film recording session and promote different clips or cut multiple videos for promotional teasers.

· Think big when producing and promoting videos.

· Plan post-production and know all the details, including captions, texts, overlays, call-to-action screens, music, among others.